Our range of services

Aerial Filming

We are specialists in aerial photography. Whether you’re shooting a music video or selling property, we’ve got the perspective for you.

Drone Training

Just got a new drone or thinking of buying one? Learn all the essential things to know before flying with our expert instruction and guidance. Stay on the right side of the law and avoid accidents with our help.

Drone Repairs

Fell from the sky? Drone won’t charge? If you’ve experienced a fault, we can service your drone and do our best to get it flying again.


Other than drones, we also support radio control hobbyists, including built-it-yourself aircraft.

Drone Sales

Tell us your budget and we’ll select the right drone to suit your needs.

Drone Rental

Can’t afford to buy a drone but have a pressing need for one for a special event or task? You can rent a drone from us at a price that won’t break the bank!

Drone Workshops

We hold workshops at various venues, such as schools and clubs. Our next workshop could be at your venue! Book us today!

Commercial Photography

Selling a house? We can shoot your property from inside, outside and up above!


Fertilizer, insecticides and sowing seeds.

Aerial Mapping

Survey potential building sites or other land.